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Nommensen & the Toba War

– or: Maybe we didn’t eat the missionaries after all…

Uli Kozok translated Nommensens original manuscripts. Interesting. Here is a part of his article:

Lehmann’s biographical study of Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen, revered among the Batak as their apostle, is a work of limited academic use because it relies almost exclusively on three sources. Of roughly 320 citations quoted in the book, 186 refer to the Berichte der Rheinischen Missionsgesellschaft (BRMG)[i], the official journal of the Rhenish Mission Society, in which annual mission reports were published. The second-most important source includes the various publications of Nommensen’s colleague Johannes Warneck (1867-1944), who spent many years in Sumatra, first as a missionary teacher (1892-1905), and later as the successor of Nommensen as the bishop of the Batak church (1920-1932). Warneck’s publications are cited a total of 66 times. The original writings of Nommensen himself – mainly unpublished manuscripts from the archives of the Rhenish Missionary Society in Wuppertal – are Lehmann’s third major source and are cited 43 times. The other sources used are mainly mission publications such as theMissionsblatt, the Allgemeine Missionszeitschrift, and Rhoden’s Geschichte der Rheinischen Missionsgesellschaft (History of the Rhenish Missionary Society), which is cited 15 times. Read more »